New Succulent Grocery List Printable

Happy Election Day! That’s the only mention of this craziness that you will get out of me. SO, if you are wanting a new template to organize your grocery list, look no further. Today, I am sharing this succulent grocery list printable for free!

As I have mentioned previously, I really love grocery shopping. I enjoy all aspects of it – from planning to purchasing. My husband and I are on a pretty tight budget, so this may be because it’s the only way I really get to shop. Either way, I love it!

A few years ago, my sister in law gave me a grocery list notepad from Shutterfly. How was I just typing or scribbling my list on a piece of notebook paper?! How did I live before having a cute way to list my groceries? Well, I have not turned back, and I still use fun versions 99.9% of the time. [ Sometimes, the notes app on my phone wins out 🙂 ]

Succulent Grocery List Printable

FREE Succulent Grocery List Printable

To download or view, click here for full page.

Click here for double page.

Succulent Grocery List Printable

You can type directly on the PDF printable if you have Adobe Reader. Simply follow the link above. Then, save the file to your computer and open with Adobe.


Then, find the Sign/Add text button.


Next, click add text.


Last, choose your font and font size. Then, you will click on the document where you would like to add the text.

[Please Note **If you must have the spacing and alignment perfectly done, you might just want to print this and write on it the old-fashioned way. ]


Simply click the link above and you can right-click to print the file directly from your browser.


Be sure to set your Paper size to US Letter and NOT to select the Fit to page option.


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