Gold Merry Christmas Printable

We are 10 DAYS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS! I’m clearly still on my holiday printable kick, so yes, it’s a new Gold Merry Christmas Printable! I know you have been wondering, waiting, and longing for ANOTHER new holiday printable. SO glad I can make your dreams come true. (I promise I *think* this is my last one of the season.) It just really is the most wonderful time of the year… and I have yet to get over that whole giving-away-non-holiday-printables-in-December-thing.

I also feel obliged to mention that I AM DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I made my list and I checked it twice. This has never ever happened before, and I hope I can continue this trend for years to come.

Gold Merry Christmas Printable

8×10 inch Gold Merry Christmas Printable [4 Options available] Click the link for the PDF next to the image of your choice below!

White Bubbles




White/Gold Bubbles Merry Christmas







Black Bubbles




Black/Gold Bubbles Merry Christmas











White/Gold Wreath Merry Christmas











Black/Gold Wreath Merry Christmas








You can either print directly from your browser or save the PDF to your computer. I use Google Chrome. If you also use Chrome, you can see my printing suggestions below.


If you wish to resize the print to make it smaller, you will have to save the PDF to your computer. Then, open the file in Adobe and use the suggestions below.

Simply change to Custom Scale to the percentage of your choice. The smaller prints I have photographed above are scaled to 60%. They are slightly smaller than a 5×7 inch print. You can play around with the scale to see what size you would like to print.

I also like to change the Orientation to landscape so I can print two images on a single sheet of cardstock. (I just print one, rotate the paper and put it back in my paper tray for the second image.)


Merry Christmas, Y’all!

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