Geometric Initial Printable – Rose, Indigo, Grey for Home or Nursery

It’s a new printable! Here is a Geometric Initial Printable. It’s available in rose, indigo, and gray, and it would be perfect for any room in your home or for a nursery!

geometric initial printable

I have been having a hard time trying to come up with ideas for the wall above our son’s crib. I mean, we can’t just leave it blank. Initially, I wanted to put a shelf above the crib with knick knacks and extra storage. However, I am paranoid of things falling off of the wall and crushing our baby boy. (I know. I know. I’m a little crazy.) But again, we can’t just leave it blank! That’s so sad. SO, I decided just to go with a typical gallery wall (with only a few items because of my paranoia, of course).

Have you tried to find an initial printable suitable for a baby boy?? I had no luck finding something without an animal or flowers. Maybe I was not looking in the right places. I do not know, but I decided to make one myself regardless. It’s available in 3 different colors, so you can pretty much use it anywhere you would like!

To download the geometric initial printable, simply click the letter of your choice in the color of your choice below the photo.

Rose Initial Printable


Indigo Initial Printable


Gray Initial Printable




To print, follow the link above. For best results, save the file to your computer rather than printing from the browser. I like to make sure to select the “shrink oversize pages” option with this one.




To make the print smaller for a 5×7 frame, you will have to download the file and open with Adobe unless you want to play with the scale percentage on your browser print options. Downloading is definitely the easiest option. Simply choose the “Booklet” setting as seen below to achieve the smaller print.



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