FREE Christmas Printable!

Happy December! Or should I just go ahead and say Merry Christmas? Like many, this is my most favorite time of the year! I love cold nights, warm fires, hot chocolate, and of course, time with family. So, I’m sharing a FREE Christmas printable to revel in the Christmas spirit.

I actually enlarged the black and white printable, printed it out, and transferred it to black craft paper (using this method from this tutorial except I just use a pencil instead of chalk because I am using paper and not wood). Then, I taped the craft paper around a canvas painting in my living room, hung lights and garland, and TA-DA! It’s officially Christmas time.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

How to Enlarge the Print to make a Poster


Use the settings above to change the size of your printable. It’s originally 8×8 inches. My canvas that I am wrapping the craft paper around is 30×30 inches, so I enlarged this to 400%. I just map out how big I want it to be by counting blank sheets of paper and then playing with the Tile Scale Percentage until I get to my ideal size. Then, you print, cut, and tape your poster together. Follow this tutorial that I mentioned above to transfer the design to paper and paint or fill in with a gel marker or metallic sharpie.



To download the free Christmas printable (8×8), simply click the link next to the printable of your choice below.

have-yourself-white-backgroundBasic Black and White

High Res for Poster


have-yourself-black-backgroundBlack Background

have-yourself-red-background Red Background


have-yourself-green-backgroundGreen Background


FREE Christmas PrintableRed & Green Text


have-yourself-red-textRed Text

have-yourself-green-text   Green Text


To print, you can either download the file or print directly from your browser.


Use the settings above if printing from the browser. Make sure the Paper size is US Letter and NOT to select the Fit to Page option.

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