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Happy Friday! I set a goal for this week that I was going to post at least 4 entries, and I actually did it! So, for the last post of this week, I am sharing a FREE printable with one of my mantras. Speak little, do much. Basically, to me actions speak louder than words.

I remember writing an essay in high school about this very topic. I remember using a silly example about my late grandfather.  He was a man of little words, but he was always so generous. My grandfather would travel 20+ miles to another town to buy me a Barbie doll nearly every time I visited. He did this a few times a year for roughly 10 years of my life. My point then was that he didn’t tell me he loved me all that often, but I felt his love through his sweet, simple, consistent gesture. His action spoke louder than his words. He spoke little and did much.

The older I get, the more I notice/hear of ways he did this same type of thing for others in his community. [To be clear, not buying Barbies but giving of time/money/resources 🙂 ]. I’m grateful that I have these memories of him, but I’m even more grateful that this man raised my own father because he lives his life the same way. I’m thankful for the legacy of speak little, do much. I hope one day I exemplify this half as well as my grandfather did and my father continues to do.speaklittle

I hope this can be as much of a reminder for you as it is for me. It’s okay not to have a loud, flashy life. You don’t have to be famous or have power. You can still make a huge impact on people through the little things.


Free Printable – Speak little, do much

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You can print directly from your browser or save the file to your computer, then print. If printing directly from browser, I recommend using the settings on the photo below.

Annesdale Mansion Print Options

  • Paper size – US Letter.
  • Do NOT select Fit to page. It will cut part of the image off the page.


Let me know what you think!

Miss Homebody

P.S. I realize the irony of writing a blog post about speaking little while I’m literally sharing my thoughts with the world. 

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